Data Software Engineer (Position #2138)

We’re looking for an experienced data Software engineer to support Webpals’ group infrastructure. The ideal candidate for this role will be a highly motivated, organized and efficient person who is able to multi-task, priorities and rise to a challenge in a fast-paced technology environment.

Job Description

  • Design data processing architecture for analyzing massive amounts of data in scalable ways.
  • Implement data crunching processes while taking into account performance, scale, availability, monitoring and more.
  • Work closely with data science researchers to implement scalable Audience Targeting and bidding algorithms.

Job Requirements

  • Proven experience with large-scale data processing systems.
  • Experience working with Apache Spark.
  • Solid foundation in computer science, with strong competencies working with the full stack including APIs, databases and web frameworks.
  • Experience implementing tools, process, internal instrumentation, methodologies, testing practices and resolving blockages.
  • Extensive experience dealing with Linux systems.
  • Proven interest in data-mining, machine learning and/or large scale systems-advantage.
  • Experience in any of the following: Spark, Cassandra, Hadoop, Vertica and Kafka a plus.
  • Experience in design and development of application Data-Access-Layer (DAL).
  • Good knowledge of DB design, and SQL/ NoSQL.
  • Self-Learner! Skills and experience in learning new technologies.
  • Experience with AWS (DynamoDB, ElasticSearch ,EMR).
  • Familiar with AdTech solutions: an advantage.