Webpals Group' Video is a leading online video media agency. Thanks to our large, owned and operated media properties, we have direct connections with brands and traditional media agencies. We bring these missing added values into the online video world for the greatest benefit of our partners.


Get unique, high-quality inventory from all around the world
  • More than 2,000 O&O websites
  • In-stream and out-stream formats
  • Mobile web, desktop and in-app inventory
  • 100% transparent - high viewability
  • 10 BN ad opportunities per month
  • Creative studio tools
  • Advanced targeting capabilities


Get the most out of monetization without hurting your user experience
  • Guaranteed advertising budgets from direct brands and media agencies
  • Matching premium campaigns
  • Integration with all major programmatic platforms
  • High CPM
  • Demand from all around the world for mobile web, desktop and in app inventory
  • Out-stream players


We are always looking for unique
technologies / acquisitions / investment to create higher
added value for our partners.

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For more details on Webpals Group’ Video and further initiatives, cooperation or agency services, please drop us a lineĀ and we’ll be happy to elaborate.