Webpals Group is a fast-growing performance marketing company, operating on an international scale and in numerous verticals.
Our operations are divided into a number of specialized units and departments, focused on Media, Publishing, Technology, and Innovation, all of which work hard towards achieving our goal of being a global leader in online traffic monetization, anywhere!

Webpals Group also includes DAU-UP-ClicksMob and Marmar Media. The recently acquired DAU-UP-ClicksMob provides our clients with the best mobile user acquisition services across territories and channels worldwide, while Marmar Media acts as a leading product-focused mobile and online user acquisition network, ensuring maximum ROI for advertiser and app developer campaigns.

Our focus is on delivering best-in-breed users to our partners. We are able to achieve this by incorporating the latest technology as well as SEO and media buying strategies into our marketing methodologies. Our employees hail from all over the world, giving us the ability to “think local” about all the markets we operate in.


Webpals Group’ Media Business Unit acquires top advertising placements and positions for our self-funded campaigns. Operating in over two dozen markets, it leverages all available paid media channels for optimal results.


SEO experts at Webpals Group aim to consistently improve our websites’ organic visibility and get them ranked in the top spots on the world’s leading search engines.


Webpals Group’ Technology Department operates at the forefront of cutting-edge development. It is focused on developing operational infrastructure and aggregating data from hundreds of various online platforms for thousands of websites.


Webpals Group’ Innovation Hub provides an all-in-one solution for startups in their early stages including supplying them with funding, professional services, and hub facilities.

about us

Founded in 2007,  Webpals Group has grown from a tiny industry start-up into a major player in performance marketing and online website monetization. Our parent company, XLMedia PLC, made its debut on the London Stock Exchange early in 2014. Soon thereafter, we moved in to our spacious new offices in Israel’s Ramat HaChayal Industrial Zone.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve brought an additional 150+ employees on board, more than doubling our overall workforce to over 350 people, which allowed us to extend our operations to an additional floor. Our company is full of dynamic, young professionals hailing from countries across the globe, making our offices’ atmosphere truly international.


Our technology experts excel in developing tracking and optimization systems that help us aggregate tremendous amounts of data from all over the Web. By integrating the latest technologies into our methodologies and workflows as well as our in-house developed CMS (Palcon), we are able to maintain our competitive edge.


Knowledge sharing is a pillar of our philosophy. We regularly schedule professional training sessions. Whether via upfront presentations or hands-on workshops, our training courses help highlight the importance of continuous professional advancement.


Beyond our primary business channels, we also invest in the future by funding startups with great ideas. In addition to funding, we also provide startups with the full gamut of professional services and, of course, a great place to work – right beside us, in our offices.


Working hard and playing hard go hand in hand at Webpals Group. Numerous fun events are planned and held both in our offices as well as at other special locations throughout the year. Often, our employees’ families are also invited to take part in the festivities.


We regularly publish performance marketing and online traffic monetization blog posts that illustrate precisely why Webpals Group is thought of as an industry leader. Check out the latest ones below!

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