Senior Data Engineer

London, UK · Full Time · Management

About The Position

Role Purpose:​

Data operations management; QA/Testing; Orchestration; Automation

What’s the Job?

Areas of Responsibility & Accountability​

  • Assist the Data Engineer Team Lead in the overall design and implementation of the data architecture, first party data and single customer view platforms, and continuous development of the Single Source of Truth.​
  • Expanding and optimizing the current data pipeline as well as data workflows. ​
  • Building and improving data systems and ETL data for cross-functional teams. ​
  • Work with the MLOps engineer to productise models created by the data science team.​
  • Guiding a team of data engineers and delivering on requirements in a timely manner. ​
  • Collaborate with data team leads to achieve common goals, such as product development.

What They Produce​

  • Date lake and warehouse​
  • ETL pipelines​
  • Consumable data for data analysts and scientist

Measures of Success​

  • Developing and maintaining data platforms and engineering best practices.​
  • Resilient and secure data structures​
  • Collaboration with other technical teams

Interacts with​

Engineering, Product, Delivery teams​

Other data teams


Experience & Qualifications​

Experience: ​

Cloud computing, big data platforms, analytics platforms, real-time event sourcing. ​

2 years in similar capacity​

Qualification: comp science, info tech, other technical disciplines or relevant experience

Knowledge & Skills​

Cloud functions, data warehouse, ETL, orchestration, complex SQL/NoSQL, Message Queues, Analytic Platforms, Python, JS. ​

Preference: ​

AWS, Snowflake

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