It’s “the performance marketing industry’s premier global event,” as the Summit organizers have put it. Every time our team gets there, there’s always something new to discover. Here are 5 major highlights from Affiliate Summit East 2017:

1. Brands Don’t Jump the Gun

While brands still want to make more deals and build more bridges, they started to use tweezers when picking who to work with, being way more careful than before.

Brands have lifted their partnership threshold level if you will; they are on the hunt for more serious collaborations and not just those with a zest. Brands don’t just want you to throw all the different advertising solutions you’ve got at them; it’s the digital properties you can provide them with to run their offers on that matter.

2. Brand User Acquisition Needs Have Evolved

Once upon a time brands’ main requirement was to drive as many users as possible. Then, there was a shift towards finding quality users who have performed a certain action. Nowadays, however, the picture is more complicated.

Today, brands want to utilize the smart technology and algorithms available to target existing quality users exactly at the point when they need certain services, even if it’s in the future. That way, brands can get users with high lifetime value.

How Brands' User Targeting Has Evolved

Here’s a great example:

There’s someone named Jack whom you’ve been targeting for a while. He’s been a loyal ride service app user for quite some time now, ordering rides whenever he needs. You notice he’s looking at a travel website, choosing the best deal for his next trip.

So, you know Jack wants to travel, and he has a ride service app.

What’s the next step?

You can offer him a specific deal for a ride to the airport. You know he’s more likely to check it out because it comes exactly at the point of need.
That’s the smart user retargeting and retention tactics brands want publishers to provide them with.

3. Chasing Direct Connections

Brands want to promote their content directly on publisher websites, preferably content-rich sites – sites with lots of traffic and good, time-tested reputation. That’s exactly where the online performance marketing world is going towards, and Affiliate Summit East 2017 has shown this in full.

4. Mergers All Over (Even Affiliate & Influencer Marketing are Bonding)

Evgenii “Geno” Prussakov – an award-winning affiliate marketing expert and educator, visited the Summit as one of the speakers. His two sessions focused, among all, on two significant trends:

•Mergers among companies
• The fusion of affiliate and influencer marketing

In a nutshell, as the ever-changing market becomes more competitive, companies find it beneficial to merge with and acquire other companies –  Awin’s (an Axel Springer SE company) recent acquisition of ShareASale is a great example.

For the same reason, you see more and more affiliate marketers shaking hands with major digital influencers. They are the ones who know exactly how to give you the coverage and the right targeting for your campaigns.

5. Video at Affiliate Summit East 2017?

Seeing video companies at affiliate marketing conferences isn’t something one would expect, but Affiliate Summit East 2017 can be regarded as a contradiction to the statement. Dozens of video companies attended the Summit – something that serves as a strong proof of how hot of a trend video has become.

What’s more, seeing video companies at affiliate marketing conferences shows that BrandFormance is gaining momentum in digital advertising, with brands longing to target high lifetime value users.


At the Summit, our mobile, display, social, search and video experts showed brands that with over 2000 exclusively managed, content-rich websites, covering verticals like Finance, Software and more, they can run their offers across channels while utilizing the smart algorithms we have to accurately determine user intent on a website, driving users with high lifetime value.

Webpals Group – a leading player in the online performance industry (AIM: XLM), picked up on lots of lessons and trends at Affiliate Summit East 2017, but there’s always room for more! Dmexco in Cologne, Germany is our team’s next destination!

We’d like to thank every one of our new partners and the people we met at the Summit.
We hope to see you next time (maybe even in Cologne:))!