Industry experts and digital marketers from over 70 countries met in January at Affiliate Summit West 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada for three very productive days of networking, discovery, and knowledge sharing.

The participants were eager to explore new ways to boost user acquisition, discuss the latest trends and industry guidelines, find new partnerships, and grow their business. We attended entertaining sessions and met distinguished industry leaders and high-level decision makers. Here is our comprehensive Affiliate Summit West 2018 review with four valuable takeaways:

1) SEO is Essential

Partners and conference attendees clearly said that SEO is a powerful and vital source of traffic, and it goes beyond the acquisition level. Marketers see it as an excellent way to get the desired recognition, make their sites more trustworthy, and reduce costs.

The growing awareness of search and social media platforms changes brought an extraordinary increase in demand for SEO. Many marketers find very challenging to run paid search campaigns effectively. They shared the concern regarding what happens if, and when the changes occur.
Case in point: Google AdWords T&C revision – an excellent example of such a change from back in the fall of 2017.

Another good example is Facebook’s plan to alternate its News Feed. Facebook wants to put more emphasis on the quality of interactions on the platform.

2) Demand for Diversified Traffic Sources

360 advertising approach webpals group

The changes in the advertising industry cause more and more brands to realize the need for diversity when it comes to their acquisition funnel, a new approach to obtaining large volumes of quality traffic. Brands want to build strong connections with partners that offer multiple traffic sources.

At Webpals® Group, we refer to it as our “360 approach.” The approach ensures our partners take full advantage of the plethora of capabilities we offer: high-intent traffic from exclusively operated websites such as Greedyrates.ca, SEO, SEM, social, mobile apps, and native advertising. No matter the advertising channel, we tailor every one of our campaigns to a given partner or brand specifications.

3) Trending Products at Affiliate Summit West 2018

  • Travel – A considerable number of travel products were represented at the conference, all looking to establish long-lasting relationships with a large pool of customers in many methods and forms.
    When it comes to travel in 2018, we’re expecting online reviews to have an even more significant impact on the number of online bookings. Note, 95% of travelers trust third-party review sites.
  • VPNs everywhere! Judging by the number of VPN brands that attended Affiliate Summit West 2018, privacy concerns have yet to be solved. A recent IDC survey revealed that 84% of U.S. consumers worry about their security and 70% of them shared that their security concerns have increased in comparison to what they felt just a few years ago. For more information on this subject, you are welcome to visit Securethoughts.com – one of many authority sites we operate.

4) New Guidelines and Regulations

New PMA (Performance Marketing Association) ad fraud guidelines and the ways they impact the industry’s future received a significant amount of attention.

Gone are the days when brands could craft a generic disclaimer message. Nowadays one must dig deeper, disclosing payment method details and ways businesses make money to ensure users and potential partners understand all the nuances.


As a leading performance marketing company with hundreds of strategic partnerships and a vast network of exclusively operated, content-rich websites, we were thrilled to attend Affiliate Summit West 2018 and establish promising business relationships.

It was a great way to start 2018! We’d like to thank the organizers, people we met, and every one of our new partners!

If you have a business opportunity on your mind and would like to talk it over – feel free to contact us!

See you next time!