Trial and error is a major part of digital marketing. That’s exactly why learning from the experiences of other marketers can be so valuable: before trying out an idea, you can track others who had already tried it and see the results it brought. It’s a great way to get professional insights, understand what worked well and what worked less, guaranteeing the best results possible with an enhanced version of your idea.

This is the approach we prefer at Webpals® Group, and it’s rooted deeply in our company culture. We believe that knowledge sharing opens new horizons and are thrilled to share our digital marketing know-how, be it through our employee training or by participating in different widely recognized conferences.

Next Case 2017, coming up on 6 of December 2017, is the perfect opportunity for us to do just that. This is one of Israel’s largest digital marketing events, focusing solely on case studies presented by leading marketing experts both from Israeli and international companies. It is the place where experiences are shared, new tools are introduced, and insights from various marketing strategies are provided.

Next Case has been taking place annually since 2013, and this year’s event will be its 4th edition. It was initially conceptualized by Pavel Israelsky, CEO of the digital agency Angora Media Group, who is also well-known for his digital marketing blog – AskPavel.

Unique Case Studies at Next Case 2017

Next Case 2017 conference view

The event will feature 18 unique case studies, each of them 20 minutes long. The case studies cover a variety of digital marketing aspects: SEO, performance marketing, content marketing, big data, influencer marketing, analytics, growth hacking and more.

Since the audience at Next Case is diverse – from marketing managers and SEOs to business owners, entrepreneurs and students in the field – the case studies are divided into two parallel tracks:

  • The Strategic Track – focuses on marketing strategies, intended for marketing managers as well as business owners who do their own marketing.
  • The Technical Track – focuses on technical, advanced aspects of marketing, intended for experienced SEOs.

Everyone attending the event can choose whichever track they prefer, and switch between them throughout the day, according to the case studies they find most appealing.

Next Case 2017 boasts a top-notch team of speakers, and Webpals® Group is on this list!

Matthew Tenney – How Deleting Over 1000 Pages Boosted Our SEO

Matthew Tenney is one of Webpals® Group’ top SEO experts with vast experience in the field.  His case study outlines one of the most successful SEO strategies at Webpals® Group, incorporates insights of Google specialists, and shows you the exact steps to take before deleting website pages. Conference participants will get a chance to uncover specific SEO tactics and learn about time-tested SEO tools, with a dedicated session for questions at the end.

Here’s more about Matthew and his SEO experience.

Interested in the conference’s full agenda and other participants? Here it is.

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