Webpals Group promotes physical fitness. Many of us quite literally jumped at the opportunity to represent Webpals for a second time at the annual Tel Aviv Night Run.

I love running. It’s been my go-to physical activity for years, ever since college. I find it to be the best way to relieve stress, help me focus my thoughts, and – of course – it’s always good to stay in shape.  I’ve developed some really great friendships over the years in the offices, and every so often we get together to run or jog after work hours as well.

Webpalers Tel Aviv Night Run 2016

Over three dozen of us suited up alongside 25,000 other runners to provide a boost of energy to the Big Orange. After training together for the prior couple of weeks, our group sure made each step count along the 10km route.

At the event site, we were greeted by a festival-like atmosphere. The first-timers among us couldn’t stop raving about how amazing it was to be in the midst of the sea of color, arms and legs waving, the scent of youthful exuberance wafting through the air. Music carried us through the race, with numerous loudspeakers stationed along the route playing the hits.

It was such a great experience, not only to run but also to be a part of such a high-energy group. This was my second time participating in the Tel Aviv Night Run and I was proud to finish the 10km course quicker than last year.

What enhanced our experience, even more, was that our running helped raised 19,000 NIS to help support the Sunrise Israel organization, a charity that operates extracurricular activities for children with cancer.

Webpals Tel Aviv Night Run 2016

After I finish my regular running route, I’m always gripped with adrenaline, the exercise giving me a great boost of energy. That feeling was amplified by seeing the smiles on everyone’s faces at the Tel Aviv Night Run finish line.

Webpalers Tel Aviv Night Run 2016