How would you describe a person who’s calling the shots for a global online and mobile traffic monetization company with over 350 people in it? During my interview with Webpals® Group’s CEO, Inbal Lavi, I’ve discovered many fascinating facts about her and her firm beliefs that are guiding the company – and you wouldn’t expect anything less from such a successful CEO.

Employees at Webpals Group

 The People are the Company’s DNA

She revealed that she believes in open communication between all the employees and actively takes part in the company’s life herself. In her own words:

“It’s the openness of the people and their warm and casual approach that give Webpals® Group its family-like qualities, despite the company’s big size.”

For Inbal Lavi, it’s also the people who help this company move forward with their drive to achieve phenomenal results and constantly come up with and implement new, creative ideas while working together, despite their diverse backgrounds. What’s more, all of them are encouraged to do so.

“It’s not a coincidence our slogan is ‘be ahead together,’ and it’s very important to me.” – she added.

The company’s employees are key to continuing its expansion into new verticals and markets. They are the ones fulfilling the company’s vision on a daily basis: creating value out of online and mobile traffic wherever and whenever significant potential exists.

Working Webpals Group

 “It’s been proven that once we decide to conquer new business opportunities, we do it fast, creating high value and profits. The fact that our industry is ever-changing, without any certainty for tomorrow, only sharpens our objectives and makes us stronger as a group.” – said Inbal.

Also, Inbal regards the employees as the glue that holds the two major company values together: mature and structured organization with a young and dynamic spirit.

“The employees bring all their creativity and dynamic thinking to the table, which should exist to make the necessary adjustments in the ever-changing digital world. They are also building and using the stable infrastructure, with which it’s much easier to achieve goals for such a big company.”

The Importance of Giving Back

It turns out Webpalers don’t just work together to get results, supporting the company’s well-organized infrastructure while keeping its spirit young and dynamic; they are also ready to roll up their sleeves to help the community.

“Social responsibility is very important for such a big company – that’s the reason we’ve been focusing on it and created a unique action plan.” – said Inbal.

One of the very successful social responsibility initiatives was our collaboration with Hinuch LePsagot – a program for outstanding students – to teach children the fundamentals of the digital marketing world.

“Many Webpalers take volunteering personally because they actually get to pass on their knowledge, empowering the community. They don’t just work for results, but for self-fulfillment, trying to open new horizons for others, who wouldn’t necessarily get this opportunity otherwise.” – revealed Inbal.

At work at Webpals Group

How to Become a Successful Webpaler?

After discussing the company’s culture and its people with Inbal Lavi, I asked her what it takes to succeed at Webpals® Group. With a friendly smile, she answered:

“You need to learn a lot about the way we approach online marketing. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to master it and make a difference. Don’t forget to constantly think about ways to bring new ideas and deliver results – that’s the recipe for true professional growth at Webpals® Group. We like to promote from within.”

Who is Webpals® Group’s CEO?

While Webpals® Group is a big part of who Inbal Lavi is, there’s a lot one can learn from her character and personal life. With a Masters’ degree in Industrial Engineering from Tel Aviv University, she had to take her career into her own hands.

“I wrote a thesis about Machine Learning and Data Mining, which wasn’t very popular back then. There weren’t many companies who had positions relevant to my academic background.” – said Inbal.

Nevertheless, she continued to believe that the perfect opportunity is yet to come along – and it did.

“The turning point in my career was when I joined 888 and started working there in Data Mining. The position introduced me to the online world.” – explained Inbal.

“I was able to move up the career ladder, joining 888’s B2C division, which generated 80% of the company’s revenue. I learned a lot, advising the head of the division as to which course of action to pursue.  With time, I got to a business leadership position, taking over the management of the 888’s Poker business unit. That’s when I knew business management is the direction I want to go, and now I’m Webpals® Group CEO” – she revealed.

For Inbal, assessing yourself as a person and understanding what you can do is key to getting where you want to be. She likes to push herself forward and reach new horizons, overdelivering every step of the way.

“I don’t see any specific person as a role model. I look more at what I want to achieve or where I think I want to be as a person and as a manager, and this is what I focus on.” – she said.

But when one does get to where they want to be – at least career-wise – how does one manage the work-life balance, especially Inbal Lavi, who said she doesn’t see herself doing any other job but that of a CEO.

Her tip is to be able to try and make the separation during the precious time you have with your family. “I do have 3 kids, so whenever I’m home with them, I try to give them all the attention. They are very demanding, by the way.” – she said, laughing.

Whenever she’s not with her family or at work, she likes to exercise or dance – a great way to combat stress, refocus and clear the head.

What’s the Road Ahead?

Learning how determined Inbal is, it seemed fitting to find out what she thinks the future holds for Webpals® Group.

“We’ll continue to uphold our reputation as a leading performance marketing player. The road won’t be without challenges, as the competition is fierce, but we’ll be ready for new business opportunities, expanding into new markets while becoming smarter and agiler. I believe we’ll have the technology and the required infrastructure to support us every time we jump forward.” – confidently said Inbal.

“Our leading position and the phenomenal results stem from the hard work done by all the employees. I wish all of you to be happy and succeed in everything you do, whether it’s professional or personal life. I’m very hopeful we’ll reach new heights and continue to be ahead together.

Happy Rosh HaShanah!”