Just like humans, brands sometimes need a fresh start.  That’s how BackRub became Google. Brad’s Drink became Pepsi. Blue Ribbon Sports turned into Nike.

Company rebranding is so much more than just a name change, though. It’s about finding that new identity, that will not only fit your company values and strategy but will resonate with your customers, pushing your business forward.

And, as a company that’s continuously planning, designing and anticipating for tomorrow, we were eager to move forward. Let us share our rebranding journey with you.

On the Path to Rebranding

Once upon a time, Webpals Group was a small startup that has matured into a stable, and structured organization over the years.

As we grew, we found ourselves in the middle of a fascinating situation: Becoming a corporate with a dynamic and innovative spirit; a company that breathes and moves in one of the most progressive industries out there – performance marketing.

What’s more, thanks to hundreds of multi-million-dollar website and business acquisitions, Webpals Group turned into a real house of brands, each with a different identity.

So, it was only natural for us to embark on a rebranding journey.

Dig Deep into the Foundation of the Business

We asked our marketing professionals to dig deep and figure out the purpose of the rebranding and the values it should highlight.  

We needed to:

  • Demonstrate our capabilities and growth
  • Connect our LOBs to the Group while fortifying their leading position
  • Strengthen our vision – to be a global leader in performance marketing, anywhere

Decide Where You Fit in the Brand Relationship Spectrum

So, how do you build a new brand? The brand relationship spectrum, composed of four different branding strategies, can help you with that. You can check out this article for more details.


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For us, the sub-brands concept was the perfect fit (with one main brand as the driver and other brands as co-drivers). After all, even though our LOBs concentrate on different verticals, all of them operate under one umbrella – performance marketing – and serve the same purpose – to drive high-value users to global, top-tier partners.

This brand architecture also allowed us to show the abundance of markets in which we operate, which serves as proof of our exponential growth and the validation of our vision.

That’s how Webpals Finance, Webpals Tech and Webpals Mobile (formerly known as DAU-UP ClicksMob) were born.

Change the Way Your Brand Looks

Once you’ve determined the brand relationship, it’s time to let your creativity shine. We fully relied on the expertise of our in-house creative studio to design trendy, clean, and fresh logos.

Each logo design required a deeper dive into the industry in which our sub-brands operate. Preserving the connection to each industry helped ensure we fortify the sub-brands’ leading position on the market and maintain their unique identities.

Webpals Mobile

Since the mobile app industry spins around swiping, toggle buttons, and mobile interfaces, it seemed logical to connect the sub-brand’s logo to those elements.

A great example is a special “switch” element. It not only emphasizes action but also is closely connected to the concept of driving and reminds you of a gear stick, fitting like a glove to our slogan “Driving high-value customers.”

The switch appears on every design element related to Webpals Mobile.

Webpals Finance

To create the logo for Webpals Finance, the designers looked at the financial and business worlds, examined the typography and colors used. The typeface in the New York Times is a good example. This font can be identified with stability.

As for the colors, finance is usually associated with the green color, which is usually identified with growth. Psychologically speaking, green is related to abundance and luxury. Since Webpals Finance operates hundreds of well-recognized personal finance websites that help people make informed financial decisions, it seemed like a great way to go.

Webpals Finance logo Our Rebranding

Webpals Tech

As for Webpals Tech’s logo, the muse came from the tech and software industries, specifically cybersecurity products, application software, and many more – which is what Webpals Tech focuses on.

Webpals Tech Logo rebranding

Company Logo

When creating the new logo for the Group, the design team had two objectives:

  • Show that the Group operates in the performance marketing industry
  • Connect the sub-brands to the Group

The two concepts – both of which are quite popular in performance marketing – that helped bring our new company logo to life are conversions and call-to-action buttons.

Company Logo Webpals Rebranding

Another critical element in the logo’s design is a gradient.

The team looked at a wide variety of logo designs with gradient for inspiration. The gradient is a calmer blend of Webpals Group’s original colors as well as the colors of the sub-brands. It’s those colors that helped strengthen the feeling of togetherness and harmony communicated by the logo.

Such an approach to logo design not only helped connect our sub-brands to the Group but also made it easier for people to remember and identify the company across the web.

Our brands Webpals
The results of our rebranding: all our assets have turned into 3 sub-brands – each a leader in its own vertical.

Here’s our rebranding video where you can clearly see the harmony between all the logos, which are also connected to different industries:

Our new sub-brands can help your business or mobile app grow even more. Contact us today!