FinCon is one of the biggest annual events for personal finance and investing brands and fans!

So, we took one of the top personal finance blogs we operate ( with over 11 million visits a year in one hand; a team of financial experts in the other, and headed towards FinCon 2017.

For the sake of those who missed out on it, or those who felt a bit dazzled by its greatness, here are a few insights and FinCon 2017 favorites from our team:

Getting Bigger

FinCon has been the destination for all new media fans (bloggers, social, etc.) and finance (personal finance, money, coupons, investing, etc.) for about 7 years now. This year, the financial world conference grew to nearly 1700 attendees from all over the world. It seems unreal that, when it just started, there were only 160 participants.

The sessions have gotten better over the years too, as well as more geared toward finance and media fans at different skill levels.

CardCon at FinCon 2017

FinCon has grown so much that nowadays it incorporates other events in the financial industry. CardCon – the conference for card-centric media, premiered this year at FinCon.

It was there that our team met with The Points Guy and picked up a few financial content writing secrets. Although Moneyunder30 is backed up by hundreds of financial content experts, and it’s listed in Forbes as one of the 25 best easy-to-digest personal finance and retirement blogs, we always strive to learn more.

FinCon 2017 Webpals Group's team
Webpals® Group’s winning team at FinCon 2017

And the Award Goes To…

FinCon 17 organizers haven’t forgotten about the Annual Plutus Awards Ceremony as well. We’re thrilled Moneyunder30  had the chance to get recognized as one of the “Best Generational Personal Finance Blogs” as well as present the finalists under the “Best Investing Blog” category.

FinCon – a Community Like No Other

While no one can argue with the scope of this financial conference, “the best part of FinCon is the community” – it was among the first things our team noticed.

The motto is “collaboration over competition” – a view highly influenced by FinCon community pioneers. As the story reveals: the “big guys” at the time were always happy to help, and others have kept paying it forward.

Talking about a great community, we got to see financial bloggers with worldwide recognition like Mrs. Adventure Rich, Miss Mazuma, and Guy on Fire and financial services companies like Ally.

Tendencies Spotted

FinCon 2017 conference

The powers of big data, combined with smart user targeting and segmentation have spread into the finance world, and are influencing the way people make financial decisions. Brands and different financial services are now capable of tracking user’s location and, based on the data about that user’s behavior and preferences, can display more relevant offers, which ultimately translates to higher ROI.

For example, it can be an app that sends coupons to your phone based on your GPS location or uses “big data” to help you make better financial decisions, knowing you usually only spend $10 during lunch.

Mobile coupons

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This serves as proof that brands are looking to target quality users precisely at the point of need. It was great news for us as the company that has the relevant user segmentation and targeting technology as well as the know-how to support the trend.

After everything that’s been said…

As a player with a firm hold in the world of finance in the US, we believe that it’s conferences like FinCon that help reinvent the finance industry and establish long-term relationships between finance fans around the world.

We’ll be packing our bags to Orlando, Florida in 2018! See you there!