A career in digital – this is the way you’ve decided to go. Awesome! But are you on the path to true success?

Here are 6 career development strategies in digital that our HR team and a few other Webpalers suggest to consider. Check if you’re going in the right direction!

1. Join a Growing Company

Join a growing company webpals group

It’s not enough to work at a digital company; it should be a company that’s expanding. Is a company making acquisitions? Spreading into new markets? Expanding its influence? All these are good indications of a growing company.

“A growing company opens more opportunities for employees, allowing them to show their skills at levels they might not have known before.” – said one of our HR managers.

Just like with the ever-changing digital world, a growing company never stops moving. Joining it would also give you a chance to keep up with the latest industry trends and best practices.

2. A Stable, Big & Flexible Company Goes a Long Way

Working for a growing company is just part of the deal; you may want to consider looking for a stable, big and flexible one. These may sound like somewhat contradicting adjectives, but a company with many different departments in which there’s no high staff turnover can be a gold mine for building your career in digital. After all, climbing your career ladder is hard if people around you are coming and going left and right.

To illustrate the point even further, say you come in as an SEO Manager, but after a short time, you realize that you’ve fallen in love with campaign management, and are more fit for the role. It would be great if the company can help you make the transition between the departments hassle-free.

3. Your Managers Play a Major Role

Career in digital managers

How would you describe a great manager? Nowadays, great managers are defined by their coaching abilities.

“Managers should understand that each of the employees has their own career development path. At Webpals® Group, managers often use weekly employee meetings not only to discuss tasks but future personal growth, sending different resources and reading materials to their employees.” – tells our HR department.

To encourage better manager-employee communication even further, successful companies offer relevant on-the-job training and tools for managers as well.  Role rotations within a team is an excellent example of a career development tool many Webpals® Group managers use.

But, a career in digital is a two-way street, meaning sending signals about your career development plans to your manager is crucial. After all, even if your manager is very dedicated to helping you climb the digital career ladder, giving hints is a very sound tactic. This brings me to my next point:)

4. Your Career in Digital is You

career in digital ask the right questions

It’s true that many factors can influence your digital career path development, but most of it should come from you; you should want a digital career. The key is to assess yourself and continue to ask questions like continually:

  • What skills and expertise do I need to move further?
  • What courses can I take?
  • Are there any new projects that can help me?
  • Are there any professional communities or groups that are worth to participate in?
  • How can I scale-up my current activities?
  • How can I initiate activities in new fields, cooperate with other team members or other teams for mutual benefit?
  • Where can I follow relevant industry influencers to ensure I’m on top of trends and to boost my recent achievements?

Being proactive and coming up with ideas can help you seal the deal when it comes to building an effective career development strategy. And most importantly, even if your idea does not get accepted, it’s not a reason to leave all your hopes behind; the right opportunity will come along.

Our VP of Core Products reveals his successful digital career development path:

“I’ve been at Webpals® Group for over 6 years now. I started as a team leader, but I always knew two things: I want more from my career, and I can do it at a stable company that encourages new ideas and follows its promises– the vibe I got from Webpals® Group. In the dynamic digital industry, the secret sauce is to take the initiative and keep trying to get your ideas in, without waiting for tasks.”

5. Work at a Company That Knows Employees’ Worth

Company employees webpals group

It’s much more career-rewarding to join a company that values its employees and strives to be the expert in the industry, and here’s why:

  • You have various career development programs to participate in
  • It’s easier to pitch your ideas
  • You can learn a lot from expert co-workers
  • There’s a good work-life balance

Here’s a story from our SEO team:

“There’s a company-sponsored course every new employee takes once they join our ranks. Even after the course, we keep on learning from each other because you never know when a trend-setting idea can come along, or from whom. The beauty is, you don’t need to fixate only on SEO; you got other courses too, like Angular 2. There are plenty of extra things to add to your resume.”

6. A Career in Digital is a Process

Can do attitude career in digital

You may have all the ‘can-do’ attitude in the world, but keep in mind that your digital career path development is a process. To be able to really see your next job in digital and achieve your career development goals in the best way possible, take your time and truly dig into all the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s.’

As one of the Webpalers discloses: “A career in digital is more dynamic than a career in other industries. Digital is easier to measure and analyze. It’s where the world is going, and it’s important to catch the wave.”

While these career development tips can help you get a move on with your career in digital, everything starts with a company’s open positions. Here are our open positions.