By now, you’ll rarely hear businesses doubting the attention-grabbing powers of digital video. Revenue growth, user engagement – studies have concluded that these and other KPIs are much higher with video than with any other ad format. But, there are still questions when it comes to quality ad placements for your videos, with 40% of media agencies and 27% of advertisers expressing their concerns about the lack of quality video inventory.

Knowing that not all ad inventories are created equal, how do you choose a quality home for your video ads?
Here are 9 tips and tricks you can use to pick high-quality video inventory the right way:

Video inventory

1) Look at the Anti-Fraud Tools & IVT Percentage

If your video ad does not reach a real person – that’s a real problem. Having high IVT percentage contributes to more digital waste and fosters distrust between publishers and advertisers, hurting important KPIs on the way.

Before committing to work with a publisher, always ask what kind of anti-fraud tools they use and what their IVT score is. High-caliber anti-fraud tools and low IVT score is the answer to look for, which brings me to my second point.

2) Seek First-Party Data

Knowing how ‘human’ your traffic is increases data transparency. However, it isn’t enough, and you have to dig deeper.

Traffic accompanied by a first-party audience, video player and domain data is what separates high-quality ad spaces from the questionable ones – this combo is what you should aim for when hunting for high-quality video inventory.

3) Go for High Viewability Rates

It may sound trivial, but when talking about high-quality traffic, the words ‘being in the right place’ matter. Your publisher needs to guarantee an ad space that is prominently shown and placed. But, placing your video in the most visible place is only half the story, and that’s what I’m going to elaborate on further.

4) “Click-to-Play” Goes a Long Way

Does audibility give new meaning to high viewability?

If your ad makes too much noise, even above-the-fold placement won’t save you; users are likely to close the site.

With user experience in mind, check whether publishers can prioritize click-to-play placements. This way you can kill 3 birds with one stone: you get increased engagement and video interaction rates while boosting ad viewability.

Most importantly, publishers don’t need to worry about disturbing valuable user experience, and advertisers can stop throwing money away on mute ads.

5) Hunt for Lower Session Depth

Session depth should be another factor for evaluating ad viewability and video inventory – the lower the session depth (earlier impressions), the more valuable the inventory. It’s true that earlier sessions inventory requires to have deeper pockets, but ultimately it covers every critical KPI in the best way possible.

6) Watch Out for the Right Context

A hunch to act does not just come out of nowhere but is the result of many psychological triggers at play. It’s best if it’s not just any context – a comfortable running shoes video ad placed near an article or inside a vlog from a known publication/influencer about how crucial it is to choose the right shoes when running will be the winner.
The relevant context surrounding your video ad plays a significant role, giving viewers more incentives to visit, click, buy, etc.

7) Keep Tabs on User Targeting

High-quality video inventory cannot be considered such if publishers can’t promise you that your video ads will reach popular audiences.

Aside from targeting the audiences, you need (demographics, region, etc.), publishers with high-quality video inventory can understand your video campaign requirements, matching between your targeted audiences and the campaigns you run. To get the most out of your video ads though, it’s best you find out more about the video content publishers offer beforehand.

8) Understand Traffic Flows

Although we’ve discussed user experience already, it’s impossible to talk about high-quality publisher inventory without throwing a word or two about clear-cut traffic flow maps, which are tied closely to user journeys.

When you deal with high-quality inventory, it’s a lot easier to understand these flows. Case in point, you’ll know your video ad won’t be displayed too often to the same user, hurting the image of your brand.

9) Pay Attention to Long-Form Content

Publishers offering high-quality video inventory know that when it comes to watching video ads, long-form content is more effective. With longer content, users become more fixated on the content and tolerate ads with ease, which allows you to place adverts pre- mid- and post- the content, bringing you higher video completion rates.

When looking for high-quality video inventory, pay attention to more engaging, content, with high time spent per page.

So, what’s the moral of the story?

In today’s world, high-quality video inventory cannot be defined merely by cost terms. The meaning goes much more profound, with many factors at play, defined by two sides: the brand (its goals) and the viewer. With that in mind, advertisers wishing to find high-quality inventory should take all of it into account.

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