PPC campaign personalization is by no means a new game to play. Jaws no longer drop when people see an ad of a superstore that’s just one-minute walk from where they are located. Seeing ads like this is almost expected. In fact, by 2020 consumers want businesses to learn to better anticipate their needs before making contact; and marketers realize the importance of personalization as well.

With paid ads, personalization can get tricky, especially when you are playing in the same sandbox as your competitors, spending hours to write hundreds of appealing ads.

Thankfully, these 5 PPC campaign personalization tips can help your AdWords ads stand out, giving them the wow factor.

PPC Campaign Personalization Tip #1 – Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI)

AdWords Dynamic Keyword Insertion

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Traditionally, to make sure your ad fits user’s intent like a glove, you would need to write tons of ad variations and tweak their copy. Not to mention, you would need to keep tabs on every campaign. Not with DKI. The keywords in your ad copy are customized continuously to ensure there’s chemistry between the ads and your audience’s intent.

All you need to do is write a generic ad that encompasses the DKI formula. Google will swap the formula in your ad for the keyword that’s set the auction in motion. It’s important to bid on keywords relevant to your business and manage your negative keywords list wisely; otherwise, you may find yourself in hot water. It’s best to have a closer look at your keyword lists and assess their appropriateness and suitability.

If approached correctly, DKI is a fast way to deliver content that matches user preferences, meeting the demands of thousands of searches.

PPC Campaign Personalization Tip #2 – RLSA’s

Google AdWords RLSAs

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Our experts say that one of the best ways to conquer remarketing is with RLSA’s (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads). With RLSA’s, your ads will appear as Google search ads rather than regular display banners or sidebar ads.

It all starts with a remarketing list in AdWords. Make sure you have your remarketing list selected as your target audience for your “search network only” campaign.

You have a more qualified audience from the get-go, which means you should not be afraid to bid on more generic keywords. For instance, instead of targeting keywords like ‘flower print blouse for women’ you can bid on terms like ‘blouse’ or ‘women’s blouse.’ You can group these keywords separately and apply remarketing lists to ensure that the ads are shown only when a user searching for the terms is on those lists. It is a great way to create more personalized search experiences based on your prior knowledge of audience preferences.

PPC Campaign Personalization Tip #3 – Google’s Customer Match

Google Customer Match

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So, both Facebook’s Custom Audiences and Twitter’s Targeted Audiences allow you to upload a list of contacts to the ad platform and serve ads to those on the list. Did you know you can do the same with Google’s Customer Match? Imagine you had a list of meetup attendees. With Google’s Customer Match, you can serve meetup related ads while keeping your images and copy in line with user needs and preferences.

PPC Campaign Personalization Tip #4 – IFs

If Functions Google AdWords

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Another useful AdWords personalization trick to add to your toolbox is IF functions. These guys work similarly to Dynamic Keyword Insertion, allowing you to save brain power and time, writing hundreds of ads for you.

It’s all about the magic of simple IF-THEN protocols that match offers and content to the relevant user’s medium. Here’s an example: IF device = mobile, THEN show “30% discount when ordering via mobile!” The beauty is, you can craft compelling messages fast and at scale.

PPC Campaign Personalization Tip #5 – Speaking to Users

Speaking to Users with AdWords Ads

This PPC campaign personalization tip may seem a bit mind-numbingly obvious, but many marketers continue to look past it. Consumers don’t really care about your services being the best out there; they want to know how exactly your services can help them solve their problems.

Remember that your message should be tailored to what will spark that interest. Try to put your business ego aside and make your content meaningful – the kind of content that can move people and trigger a response. Here at Webpals® Group, we like to use the strategy of guiding users with our content to help them make the best purchase decision. Guiding with content allows users to see your business as a solution to quite a few of their problems.

What’s the Bottom Line?

Creating ads on AdWords can be a very cumbersome task: value propositions, high-converting calls-to-action, and offers – all must find a home in a 30-character headline and an 80-character description. The worst part is, you can end up neglecting one of the critical elements of a successful PPC campaign – personalization, which itself can become quite a burden. Capitalize on these 5 PPC campaign personalization tips to smooth things out.

Our user acquisition experts can provide you with more than just a few very successful tips on how to personalize AdWords campaigns. Contact us so we can talk about how we can empower your business by matching the intent of high-value users with your brand.