Every marketer knows social media platforms are windows to the world — one challenge: social media behaves like a target moving at the speed of light. Fortunately, you still have time to gather all the necessary marketing tools and create a top-notch social media marketing strategy. Keeping tabs on these 6 social media trends will help you whip your social media marketing into shape for 2019.

1. It’s All About Messenger Marketing

Those moments when you get an occasional email from a brand trying to sell you something are yesterday’s news. The next step is Messenger Marketing.

While Facebook Messenger has been “the new way to do business” for a while now, WhatsApp Business came out just in January 2018, so it’s advertising secrets are yet to be unwrapped. We’re also hearing a lot of chatting about the possibility of WhatsApp monetization, which makes marketers very eager to conquer this advertising frontline.

From the looks of it, no social media or email platform is a match to Messenger Marketing.

messenger vs. social media trend

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We’ve found more data to back up our belief in the power of Messenger Marketing. Here’s a nice graph showing click-through-rates across advertising platforms:

Click-thru-rate messenger

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With Messenger Marketing, you’re doing more than just sending a notification; you’re starting a conversation, giving users opportunities to respond and engage.
It’s true that marketers will most likely need permission to send a message, but that’s not as overwhelming as it sounds; it’s a fantastic way to seep through your prospects, leaving only the most valuable ones.

2. 2019 – The Year of Ephemeral Content

The social media universe is confidently marching towards visual content with short-term lifespan. The knowledge that the content disappears in a day creates a sense of urgency; people feel left out if they missed your story or snap.

And hey, temporary content demands quick reactions – which means users can respond almost immediately. They get more engaged in the moment.

We have some staggering statistics to share: 70% of Instagram and Snapchat users watch Stories daily. What’s more, Stories have proven to boost purchase intent, CTR and ad recall. We’ve seen time and again that even though Stories are short-lived (up to 24 hours), their effects can be very long-lasting.

If you’re into creating Stories that drive paying customers to mobile apps, Webpals® Mobile is a highly recommended solution that offers engaging and custom-made Story Ads, created in-house.

3. Video is Going Strong

In 2019, we’ll see live video getting even more attention. It’s the authenticity that turns live video into a powerful tool, helping build trust and establish stronger connections with customers.

Besides live videos, you can expect portrait videos to rule the day on social media. It would work great for those brands that are into Snapchat Stories, and Instagram Stories since almost all the videos for those are shot vertically.

Bite-sized videos will stay a hit as well, so don’t go into full production mode. You don’t need hours of video to communicate your main message; you can (and probably better) do it in 10 secondsthe challenge: to be concise, yet engaging.

The beauty is that bite-sized videos do not require as many resources as your traditional videos might.

These 10-second videos can take many forms: cinema-graphs, sales, and product ads, user-generated videos, or anything else that’s interesting about your business. Want some inspiration? Check out Oreo and Coca-Cola’s Instagram accounts.

4. Social TV is The New Normal

And, of course, who can forget about IGTV? Plannable’s Vlad Callus forecasts:

“IGTV will become the new YouTube in three to five years, and if you’re joining now, you will catch the big wave.”

With IGTV in play, we’ll see more and more brands becoming broadcasters – which translates into a wide array of videos for mobile, featuring authentic brand stories up to an hour long.

Bite-sized videos, long-form content – a bit of a paradox, huh? The truth is, long-form content isn’t going anywhere; its structure is changing. Long-form content is becoming more visual, and brands are going to win by switching to a visual mentality.

5. Social Listening is a Big One

social listening

Social listening presents a win-win situation for all sides involved.

By paying attention to what their customers are saying about them on social, brands can efficiently manage customer complaints and crises, connecting with their audience on a deeper level. What’s more, social listening is a great muse that can bring innovative marketing ideas.

As for customers, their voice can be heard, their problems addressed and their ideas considered. You can get started with social listening now by trying tools like Sprout Social or Social Mention.

6. Augmented Reality (AR) is Going Places

We’re headed towards a new era where social media content will move from 2D into 3D, all thanks to AR. The prognosis is: augmented reality and virtual reality markets will exceed $298B by 2023.

AR will open horizons for brands, helping create emotional connections with potential customers. After all, AR ads are very immersive, interactive, and lifelike. With AR ads, customers feel like they’re playing a video game.

This year, Facebook rolled out Augmented Reality Ads, allowing brands to better connect with users. Brands can now help users interact and visualize various products and experiences on Facebook.

Imagine an ad for sunglasses. Your customers will be able to try them on and find the sunglasses that fit them the most by simply looking into their phone’s camera and swiping for different options of shades. This improves customer satisfaction and turns AR into a vigorous machine for driving high-value users and increasing revenue.

augmented reality facebook

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Snapchat is also in on it. In 2018, it introduced 3 new capabilities of its AR Lenses, which focus on social commerce and engagement, in an attempt to “bring real-life shopping experiences to the digital platform.”

Two thousand nineteen will make it clearer which platform holds the upper hand in the augmented reality battle – Facebook or Snapchat. One thing for sure, we can expect to see augmented reality features pile up next year as more brands try AR out.

Visual. Short-lived. Personalized. Interactive – that’s the social media content to create in 2019 if you want to stay on top of the game.

Now that you have top social media trends for 2019 up your sleeve, get ready to inject them into your marketing strategy to grow your business or, better yet, combine what you just learned with the professional knowledge of our performance marketing experts to drive the most valuable users. Contact us, and we’ll talk!