Fully recognizing that deep data is the force driving performance marketing, Webpals Media Business Unit operates globally across all paid media channels using in-house, custom-fit technology and data analysis expertise to successfully optimize campaigns. Our own powerful tools and connections to external DSPs and RTB platforms enable automated and programmatic media buy, boosting verticals coverage as well as the volume and quality of successfully managed campaigns.

No matter the channel or screen size, we know how to convert any creative into phenomenal results.

Display and Programmatic

Our Display advertising team members are experts at serving the right ad units to the right people. Integrated with market-leading exchanges and traffic sources, the proprietary solutions we offer for programmatic media buying are our competitive advantage in the online advertising industry.


We build long-lasting connections with users by delivering appealing, user-specific content, breeding maximum ROI and user engagement. Our own content and design specialists work in synergy, taking advantage of in-house developed technologies to create personalized experiences for content consumers across platforms and publications.

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Media Buying

We manage our publishers’ operations through our display platforms. By working together with Ad Networks, exchanges, and independent publishers, we ensure that our display ad units acquire top advertising placements and positions for our sites and apps.

Display Marketing

We specialize in targeting the most relevant users for each advertising offer, utilizing the most updated technology and analytics tools. We believe smart segmentation is key to the success of our self-funded campaigns.

Mobile Advertising

Our focus is on enhancing our media buying and performance activity on mobile platforms. As such, we have created multiple dedicated, professional mobile teams. We provide selected advertisers with burst penetration campaigns, app installs, mobile content, and mobile Web promotion campaigns.



Video advertising helps our advertisers and publishers get connected with the perfect syndication partners. We combine technology, quality partners, advanced data analytics tools and innovative creative assets to provide the best performance, creating a win-win solution.


By synching all traffic and conversions, we segment and categorize groups by demographic and interest. We seek to target and retain these groups using our cross-channel abilities. We specialize on serving the right creatives to the right people at the right times.


Our user acquisition team specializes in delivering high-quality traffic in a variety of verticals and markets by using cutting-edge technology and analytics tools. We believe in connecting the right user to the right app in order to increase user engagement and maximize ROI.