Back in May 2015, Google introduced UAC – Universal App Campaign – which essentially creates one unified campaign that allows developers to promote their apps across Google’s top properties – Search, GDN, AdMob, YouTube and Google Play. I assume you are thinking to yourself: “With such an easy, intuitive and smart platform – what does it mean for me?”

As marketers who are used to performing various optimizations, bid adjustments, and different A/B tests, what creativity does UAC leave us with? Is there any skill required? Well, I have news for you… Yes.

With UAC, Google is bringing machine learning and “auto-pilot” to center stage with the idea that Google’s algorithms will know best what to do based on the target CPI, budgets, creatives, and in-app events defined. But, despite UAC being super clever, there is still a lot of room for skill, knowledge, and creativity.

I have gathered several winning tips from our experts as well as from our partners @ Google by implementing which, you can be on your way to success with UAC and reach optimal performance at scale:

  • Patience is a Virtue – it is highly recommended not to adjust the campaign and let “the machine” do its magic for at least 2-4 weeks. That way, UAC will be able to optimize towards the desired CPI goals and increase the likelihood of success.
  • Understand Your Metrics – knowing which in-app events are those that indicate the quality of the user and drive post-install engagements and, ultimately, in-app purchases is key. Make sure you define these in-app actions early in the funnel, get the data from 3rd party attribution partners and optimize the campaign based on these actions. UAC will need at least 10 conversions per day per event to optimize effectively.
  • Budgeting is Important – there are a few do’s and don’ts in the UAC world. Google recommends setting a daily budget which is at least 50 times larger than your target CPI (tCPI). The larger the daily budget, the easier it will be for the machine to gather data, learn and perform. Do it. At the same time, if you decide to adjust the bids, be sure to do it gradually – a maximum change of 20% per week.
  • Be Creative – the more creative variations you upload, the better! Be sure to upload at least 10 images and 5 videos in different formats and orientations. Creative videos can really make a difference. Beautiful videos with clear and prompt call-to-actions will help you win. “Vanilla” static images will not be enough.

I expect UAC to become an even stronger, effective and transparent platform for marketers to manage more app install campaigns. I believe this is only the beginning for this product, with new upcoming features on the way, which will allow this intelligent machine to perform state-of-the-art KPI optimizations, creative optimizations and produce advanced reports. Google’s expansive network of assets, combined with sophisticated technology, will provide a practical, scalable and global growth channel for global apps.

Webpals Mobile is a certified Google Partner. We leverage the powerful tools of Google to deliver high-performance results to our advertisers. By leveraging years of experience in budgeting, bidding, modeling, and creative work and combining them with our proprietary technology and methodologies, we drive in-app revenues to the best-o- breed mobile apps on a global scale.