Google announced yesterday that Universal App Campaign (UAC) would become the single and exclusive platform for optimal app install advertising.

We are very excited to be a part of this new chapter in global app marketing and are looking forward to leveraging this ever-changing product for the scalable growth of our app partners.

In the last year, we have paid special attention to the evolution of UAC and have allocated resources – we sharpened our expertise, knowledge, data science and technology, and achieved success in a belief that UAC will continue to develop and become an even more prominent tool.

Our expertise in finding the right user at the prime purchasing time together with our buying technology, which focuses on revenue maximization and LTV optimization, works hand in hand with Google’s UAC. Ultimately our partnership with Google will drive growth to our partners’ mobile app businesses, along with revenue maximization and the best user experience.

We hope that after reading our blog about Google’s UAC, along with Google’s announcement, you will only strengthen your assurance in our continued dedication to our partners. We are happy to guide you through the transition process to the UAC platform and explain how to build future campaigns effectively. Feel free to reach out to our UAC expert team with any additional questions.

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