We’re super excited to announce that Webpals Mobile has been chosen to participate in Google’s App preferred creative partners program (APCP).

What is Google’s App preferred creative partners program?

It’s a unique, brand-new program that was developed to help app advertisers enhance their Google App campaigns (formerly known as UAC) by promoting the adoption of creative best practices at scale.

After all, the competition in the mobile app industry is fiercer than ever, which means designing high-quality, thumb-stopping creatives that drive action and make your Google App campaigns stand out has become more than a luxury; it’s one of the keys to an app’s survival – and the more creatives you have, the more opportunities you get to fully leverage extensive Google’s inventory across all Google’s platforms like GDN, YouTube, Search, and Google Play.

Think of your app’s creative assets as critical leavers that help you build your brand by telling compelling and memorable stories to extremely demanding customers in seconds. As such, they help you, an app marketer, stay ahead of the pack.

So, what do you gain from working with Google’s preferred creative partner?

Webpals Mobile – Home of Creative Best Practices for Google App Campaigns

Our in-house creative studio and video production crew are always ready to help you throughout the entire process of creatives design, from conception to the final design stage. These top-notch, inspiring creatives engage users, fit any Google placement, reflect Google App campaigns creative best practices and undergo a localization process to ensure a perfect match to user preferences in a specific market.

It goes beyond designing remarkable creatives. We have the expertise in structuring campaigns, selecting the right campaign type, and managing bids and budgets. All of this combined helps app marketers run successful Google App campaigns.

That’s our creative edge and one of the main reasons Google has selected us for the program.

Our Top Google App Campaigns Creative Best Practices

Texts: Keep it short – Every text ad for a Google App campaign has four lines, and Google recommends having at least two of them shorter than twenty characters. Why? Firstly, just to be brief. Secondly, keeping things short improves ad performance and prevents truncation in properties like Gmail.

Images: The more, the merrier – it’s always a good idea to upload a variety of images to Google App campaigns to ensure maximum reach and scale. You can have up to 20 image variations in Google App campaigns.

Videos: Diversity of formats – You can work with three different formats in Google App campaigns: landscape, portrait, and square. By the way, portrait videos have shown to drive higher conversion rates than landscape ones.

If you’re looking for more creative best practices and tips for Google App campaigns, we’ve got them gathered for you right here. Better yet, our team is here to help you build great creatives from scratch, and take the work of applying these best practices off your hands!

Each such creative asset is a powerful user acquisition and app growth engine and has proven to drive the best possible CVR-to-FTD and ROI to many of our global clients – as you can see from the success stories we have.

There’s more. As Google’s App preferred creative partner, Webpals Mobile will now also offer a fully customized and tailor-made creative solution for app marketers. You’re welcome to drop us a line for more details.

Technology & Creative Analysis Working Together

In today’s era driven by technology and automation, keeping tabs on your creatives is no less crucial than the creatives themselves. Google App campaigns utilizes machine learning algorithms that automatically pick the best performing creatives for your Google App campaigns – and that’s what our partners at Google find highly effective, which is fantastic!

However, if you want to get ahead in the game, you will need to know how to interpret creatives data and act on it. That’s where the power of Google data and Webpals Mobile’s creative analysis comes in.

Growing Mobile Apps on a Larger Scale

By becoming Google’s App preferred creative partner, Webpals Mobile is showing continuous commitment to its customers, ensuring they benefit from more effective, profitable creatives, enhanced technology, data-driven methodologies, and more opportunities to grow their apps on a larger scale.

Contact us today to find out how we can help unleash your app’s potential with Google App campaigns.