We couldn’t be more excited to share the news! Webpals Mobile has been recognized as a member of Instagram Partners Program, specializing in Ad Tech.

The Instagram Partners Program has recognized Webpals Mobile for its leading position in mobile user acquisition and its ability to deliver excellent performance to its partners on Instagram.

Instagram established its Instagram Partners Program to help advertisers find best-in-class partners they need to optimize results on the Instagram platform, providing access to leading technologies and expertise.

Since the early integration of Webpals Mobile’s technology with Instagram Ads’ API, we’ve been enabling the world’s leading advertisers to maximize their investments on Instagram as well as Facebook and Google. The Instagram Partners Program is essential for further innovation in mobile advertising, and we’re happy to be a part of it.

Webpals Mobile’s technology gives mobile advertisers an ability to reach the top-value users from a diverse and highly engaged Instagram’s 500-million community. Our targeting excellence, combined with our platform’s capabilities and automated optimization, allows us to acquire premium mobile users with the highest monetization value.

While technology sits at the center of Webpals Mobile offering; it’s just a part of the success formula for app developers who partner with Webpals Mobile to advertise on Instagram. The real game changer is the creatives we offer, and this is where Webpals Mobile’s in-house creative studio takes the stage to empower ads with beautiful and compelling images and videos that drive the highest engagement and immediate response.

As an Instagram Partner, we can provide our partners with an early access to new and interesting offerings from Instagram, new features, and beta programs. They can also expect to see us continue to innovate in this area with better conclusions, smarter iterations, and improved results.

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