Mobile app advertisers have been increasing their spending on Google. Webpals Mobile, as a certified Google Partner, has been offering to advertise on Google, alongside advertising on Facebook and Webpals Mobile Network, as an integral part of our full mobile media solution from the moment Google launched ad units for mobile app installs.

Google’s activity is a big part of our business and it consistently grows as our clients see strong performance from Google campaigns. We have touched on this topic during our, where 4 leading players in the social gaming space, namely Big Fish Games, GSN Games, and Product Madness, shared the fact that Google is becoming a larger source of inventory for them and the marketing spend continues to grow on this platform.

As a result, according to AppsFlyer’s Performance Index, Google jumped into the No.1 position in global gaming retention for users on Android, leaving Facebook and Twitter behind. By significantly increasing the volume of app installs over the past year, Google also has risen in the charts for iOS.

The data from the latest reports are backward-looking and don’t include data from the latest ad offerings announced in May at Google I/O. Consequently, it’s possible that we will see Google strengthen its position even more in the coming months.

While Google offers a handful of instruments to run user acquisition campaigns on your own, we are often asked what do advertisers win from working with a certified Google Partner?

So, here’s the answer:

1. Highest Standard of Performance

Certified Google Partners must meet certain performance requirements, which include criteria such as client revenue growth and client performance. Every qualified partner must prove that it delivers solid revenue and growth to its clients as well as manages to maintain and consistently grow their client base.

What it means for you is that you can expect higher standards of performance when working with a Google Partner.

2. Ability to Scale Quickly and Optimize Effectively

During the certification process, Google evaluates the spend levels of the assessed company, which must score high to be granted a badge.

Therefore, if you are looking to launch a large user acquisition campaign with a big investment, you want to work with a trusted partner who has experience in managing large-budget mobile app install campaigns in Google and can drive real results.

3. Early Access to the Newest Ad Products and Programs

Being part of the beta testing of future products allows you to access successful new initiatives early on and stay ahead of the game in an increasingly competitive field. Working with a Google Partner helps you tap into all Google’s ad formats and programs available only to a close group of select partners.

4. Close Relationship & Exceptional Support

Google Partners receive a high level of support from Google and benefit from a close relationship with its ad products team. This helps Webpals Mobile improve our technology by integrating new tools and features faster to optimize effectively.

Google also provides training to Partners’ teams, meaning that you benefit from working with experts who have their fingers on the pulse of the latest best practices.

So, if you are looking for a proven, long-term partner that can help you maximize your return on large ad spend and reach your marketing goals, you should consider a certified Google Partner. Contact us to see how Webpals Mobile can help you leverage your app’s potential to reach new, high LTV users in Google.