At Webpals Group, we’ve achieved tremendous SEO success by combining expert personnel, first-rate training, and technological excellence. With hundreds of years of combined experience, our hard working SEO experts are always keeping abreast of the latest developments in the field. Using cutting-edge tools and technology, they’re able to consistently improve the organic visibility of our websites and get them ranked in the top spots on the world’s leading search engines.

publishing activities

We operate and maintain over 2,000 websites that serve 20+ markets in more than a dozen languages. This naturally requires constant production of high-quality content, which we publish via our state-of-the-art in-house CMS. Of course, to give our content maximum exposure, we engage in extensive branding efforts and ensure that everything we publish is optimized to appear properly on multiple content consumption platforms.

High-quality content

In order to keep our numerous sites updated on a regular basis, we utilize the services of both in-house as well as freelance content producers. By ensuring that the uploaded content – whether audio, video, written, or graphic – is of the highest quality, we’re able to establish our sites as authorities in their niches.


Online content is consumed these days in a variety of ways, including on desktops and mobile devices. As such, we endeavor to optimize our content across all sites for all platforms. In other words, regardless of how one comes to visit one of our sites, we’ll make sure the visitor has the best possible content consumption experience.


All our sites are designed to promote top online brands, but some of our sites are so comprehensive that they are brands all on their own. To that effect, we regularly run media campaigns both online and offline (TV, stadium branding, etc.) to solidify our top brands’ place in the minds of our visitors.

In-House Training

Every new SEO specialist at Webpals Group has the opportunity to take part in a multi-session training course. Raw talent is honed into a specific skill set geared to enable our SEOs to master the tools of the trade and begin performing at optimal levels – just like our websites do!

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Research, networking and continued education

Every SEO expert knows that to achieve top search engine rankings, a good amount of keyword research is necessary. Here at Webpals Group, we understand the importance of always being aware of what’s trending. Moreover, our SEO experts regularly get updated on industry trends by attending conferences to learn from visiting international specialists. We constantly implement the valuable lessons we learn in order to maintain our sites’  performance at its peak.

Technological infrastructure

Our SEO specialists work together with the experts from our Technology Department to facilitate scalability and increased optimization of our operations. Specifically, the infrastructure we have in place allows us to work on multiple sites, in multiple markets, in parallel. Moreover, it enhances the speed and quality of websites’ QA, enabling us to achieve good SEO results for our new sites consistently and quickly.