With 2016 drawing to a close, we surveyed a number of SEO experts here at Webpals, asking them what they felt the top Google Search trend would be in the coming year.

When it comes to search engine optimization, webmasters are constantly on the lookout for the newest trends and potential algorithm tweaks that will shuffle up page rankings. Being on the cutting edge of change gives you the best shot at superseding your organic search competitors.

What Our Experts Had To Say

Many of our experts answered with mobile in mind. With more people accessing the internet on the go for longer periods of time, mobile traffic is asserting its dominance. Noting this, Google seems to be indicating that it will attribute even more weight to a site’s mobile signals, graphical elements, and user experience. This is already starting to be reflected in the different results that appear when searching for the same keyword on desktops versus mobile devices.

Google has also started testing mobile-first indexing as of late, and indicated that eventually mobile signals, such as site responsiveness and structured data, will be of primary importance in the future.

Other Webpals team leaders were of the opinion that rich content will alter the way that search results for news and world events will appear. This could perhaps be patterned after Google Trends, which is now more visual-oriented.

Still, other experts were convinced that the most important Google Search trend would be richer results on rankings pages themselves. In other words, more elements will continue appearing in the organic SERPs. The trend makes sense (and, of course, it’s in Google’s interest) as it presents more information without forcing visitors to go to numerous other websites.


It’s impossible to get a clear consensus with regard to what will likely be the most important Google Search trend of 2017. There are different schools of thought, all with legitimate claims and reasonings.

What IS clear, however, is the importance of paying attention to the latest SEO news and industry developments. In the Information Age, change is rapid and continuous. Webmasters can’t allow their sites to be caught unprepared for algorithm adjustments; otherwise, they risk losing the steady stream of traffic they’ve worked so hard to obtain.

At the very least, it’s critical to always be monitoring the Google Search landscape and have strategies in place for optimizing your sites to rank well for the long haul.