Video SEO content – videos and SEO have always been friends. The relationship deepened though on the day Google rolled out “Universal Search.”

Aside from turning into an essential marketing tactic, video content is also a web traffic magnet: companies that take advantage of video content report a 41% increase in web traffic from search.

The added value of video is recognized by users and search engines, but to get the ranking your business deserves, you need to have a proper video SEO strategy up your sleeve – at least that’s how video production specialists and over 85 SEO experts approach it at Webpals® Group. Over the years, both teams have grown exponentially and have helped Webpals® Group to realize the SEO potential of video successfully. The video production crew provides full support for the SEO experts, creating videos for global businesses that drive high-value audiences.

Given that, it seemed fitting to ask them to join forces and reveal the most successful video marketing SEO tricks.  So, here it comes – your video SEO content strategy guide! Next time you need to rise to the top of search results, these 11 video SEO tips, and video marketing SEO best practices will serve you well.

1. Video SEO Content Starts with a Video Sitemap

Because Google crawlers can’t speak Flash that well, most of the videos remain invisible to them. Google ranks pages, not videos. Given this, a Google Webmaster Tool – Video Sitemapis your best bet if you want to increase your chances of appearing first in Google. It works on the same principle as an XML sitemap but is dedicated to video.

2. It’s All in the Metas

Google trusts meta titles and descriptions when recognizing video content, so you can take advantage of anything to convey your message: presentation slides, slideshows, screenshots, animations, etc. Just make sure to change the meta titles and descriptions accordingly. For that reason, you don’t have the problem of duplicate content with video.

YouTube has been named one of the top companies owned by Google, so even if your site does not get first-page rankings in Google, your video content can. But your videos won’t get there on its own; you’ll have to do a little dance. So, what do you do exactly?

3. Put Your Focus Keyword Up Front

Everyone knows that using keywords in your YouTube videos title is a must. However, you may not know that it’s important to start with your keyword since YouTube puts more value on it, and usually, it’s the first 3-4 words that matter.

Let’s say your video is about choosing the best Christmas gifts. There’s nothing wrong with the title: ‘My X tips for choosing the best Christmas gifts,’ but the title ‘Best Christmas gift tips: Choose wisely’ is better.

Good video seo content title

This might sound obvious but when coming up with a headline, make sure it reflects the content of your video. Try to find balance, don’t under- or over-promise. Otherwise, people won’t spend time watching your videos.

4. Don’t Use Video Tags Blindly

YouTube and Google use video tags to understand what your video is about. If you throw a lot of information at once, it’s likely that both will get confused. So, the key is to convey a lot of information with a few tags.

Let’s go back to our ‘Best Christmas gift tips’ video. If put tags like Holiday Tips, Gift Tips, Best Christmas Tips, Holidays, Holiday Season, What to Buy, Shopping List chances are that nor YouTube neither Google will have a clue as to what you’re talking about. And, your video won’t get the ranking it deserves.

The best way to go is to use this strategy:

  • Turn your focus keyword into a tag, i.e., Best Christmas Gifts Tips
  • Find some secondary keywords: Best Christmas Gifts to Buy, Finding the Best Christmas Gifts
  • Use one-word keywords: Christmas, Gifts

Using Tags Correctly Video SEO Content

5. Invest in Engagement

Regarding engagement, YouTube comments have lots of power. The more comments your video has, the more interest there is. YouTube thinks: “It must be an interesting video! I will bump it up in search results.”

How do you get the most out of this? By using calls-to-action at the end of your videos; better yet – specific calls-to-action. Don’t just go for ‘Share your opinion below!’, but for ‘Share which one of these strategies you found the most effective!’

6. Think of Your Video Thumbnail

Your video thumbnail is the first thing users see. Knowing that, the higher the CTR your thumbnails generate, the higher your videos will rank in search results.

To get more clicks, ensure your thumbnail stands out:

  • Use contrasting colors
  • Use easy-to-read fonts


Video SEO Content Thumbnails

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7. Don’t Disregard Video Descriptions

You have 5000 words to play with here. With that, only about 150 words will be seen to potential viewers, so use them wisely. It’s a great place to add keywords (don’t stuff with keywords, though), links to your site or a landing page.
You don’t have to have 2000 words, but make sure to provide enough details without dropping important information or spilling it all out in your description, leaving no incentive to watch your video.

8. View Density Matters

It’s simple: the more views your videos get, the higher the chances of your videos getting to the top of search results. If your ‘The best Christmas gifts’ video gets a lot of views in a short period, you can be sure it will rank high. To increase the number of views, you can leverage links to your videos by using sites like Quora and Reddit, for example.

9. Watch Time Counts Too

YuTube has introduced an algorithm that rewards videos with greater watch time. It considers them interesting and bumps them up in search results. Following this logic, it’s more likely that longer videos will have more success at ranking higher.

10. Getting Attention

The question is, how do you get people hooked on your video? Try using the PSP formula. Here’s how it goes:

  • Problem – show that you know there’s a problem. Going back to our ‘Best Christmas gift’ video, you can start it by saying something like: “Lots of gifts out there! How do you get your loved ones the one gift they will truly love?”
  • Solution – provide an answer: “I got X best Christmas gifts tips that will take the load off you.”
  • Proof – show that you’ve got proof: research you’ve done, your own expertise, facts, etc.

Getting attention with video content formula

To increase watch time, what you can also do is ensure your videos are in HD quality. Let’s face it, low-quality videos won’t get anyone excited. Chances are people will not watch them for too long.

11. Make Your Video Content Trendy

Try including the current year in your video title. That way you’ll show your potential viewers that you follow the latest trends and that your video content can come in handy today. A good example would be: “The best Christmas gifts [2018]: Choose wisely”. Having brackets also helps you stand out.

Over to You

Are you ready to give these video marketing SEO tips a try? If you have any other video SEO content tricks up your sleeve and you have always dreamt of working in SEO, join our team of SEO champions! There are many fantastic career opportunities availablee!