Webpals Group’ Technology Department operates at the forefront of cutting-edge development. The department’s focus is on developing operational systems and tools that allow scalability, optimization, tracking and management of thousands of websites and media campaigns.

We provide actionable workflows for all the teams as well as automation of processes and best practices, which allows us to process high volumes of information, constantly maximizing efficiency and ROI.

Multiple open-source platforms, including PHP, Drupal, My SQL, and WordPress, are utilized to collect operational data, track customer data and process data relating to user activity from brands.

Analyzing these different types of data helps us get a clear picture of our business costs vs. expected ROI as well as calculate lifetime user value. This, in turn, supports our data-driven business decisions.

Business intelligence

Our team collects data 24/7 from thousands of external and internal sources, including our brand partners, advertisers, and publishers. Based on this data, our teams are able to provide management and our operation teams with tools to make informed decisions.

Tailor-made CMS

Palcon was developed to serve as the in-house content management system for the thousands of websites we own. The platform allows easy, centralized content management and scalability with the ability to reuse elements and widgets. It provides our teams with inherent professional know-how, embedded into the system, and supports the deployment of changes to thousands of websites with a click of a button.

Back Office Tools

We’ve developed a number of systems in-house, with automated processes, allowing for enhanced and efficient management and optimization that’s tailor-made for our different business needs. These include a unique tracking system that helps us track user activity across different channels of ours.

DevOps and Auto-QA

We work with designated tools that allow for Automatic QA. When operating on such a large scale – as we do – it’s imperative to implement Automatic QA that allows 24/7 coverage of our sites, all for continuous integration and a smoother development process.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Our Technology department helps Webpals Group maintain its competitive edge via the implementation and continuous integration of the latest working methodologies. Furthermore, we’ve developed a number of state-of-the-art tools in order to automate data collection for the purpose of analysis.

Our Technology Resources