Your Financial Publisher

Your Financial Publisher


Webpals Finance operates websites in the personal finance sector - from credit cards and insurance to loans and robo-advisors - to help consumers make informed, financial decisions. In turn, our partners in the financial industry receive high-intent traffic.

Content Lab


In-house content experts, SEO specialists and editors keep our sites in sync with the changing trends in the financial arena, continually adding new, informative content pieces while ensuring the websites rank for thousands of high-intent keywords in their relevant markets.
Active Interaction


Large and very lively Facebook groups where people get their financial questions answered; captivating articles with tons of comments; CTR that stands at around 25% (and growing) – these are all great examples of user engagement with our content and our daily interactions with millions of visitors, social media followers, and email subscribers.
Top-Notch Traffic


Our exclusively owned and operated financial review sites have proven to bring relevant users to many banks and financial service products over the years across the U.S. and Canada. The sites’ visitors are a step away from picking the most relevant financial product, and we’re there to guide them with in-depth product reviews, videos, calculators, and tables.
Promote Anywhere


You have many opportunities to grow your business and drive the highest ROI. We match user intent to your brand and offerings across a wide array of media channels like SEO, paid search, native ads, mobile promotion, media buying, and e‑mail marketing. Keeping your customer in mind at every touchpoint, we deliver large volumes of quality traffic, no matter the device.


Learn more about a few of the top-converting digital properties we exclusively own and operate.

  • GreedyRates
    • A leading Canadian credit card comparison site
    • Helping make smart financial decisions since 2010
    • Working with hundreds of Canada’s most trusted financial institutions
    • Over 2M unique, high-intent credit card-focused visitors a year and growing
    • Ranking 1st for all major credit card keywords
    • Articles by thought leaders in the financial sector
    • A fast-growing personal finance blog in the U.S.
    • A wide variety of topics: asset allocation, zero coupon bonds, savings, real estate investing, and more
    • Helping people make sense of personal finance since 2007
    • Running a popular money podcast with new episodes coming out weekly
    • Around 2M visitors yearly and growing
    • Content produced by writers with a broad knowledge of the financial sphere
    • A popular and very active Facebook group
    • A top personal finance site in the U.S. with a large, loyal user base
    • Features over 100 partners
    • Over 13M visits a year and counting
    • Ranking #1 in Google and on Google’s first SERP for 1000s of high-intent credit card keywords
    • Broad coverage of users’ needs – credit cards, insurance, taxes, student loans, and many other financial products
    • Ranking 1st for major credit card keywords
    • Highly engaging content written by personal finance experts
    • One of the first financial blogs in the U.S.
    • Thousands of daily articles on a wide variety of topics in finance, stemming from current events
    • Helping choose the best credit cards, ways to invest money, manage finances & more
    • Created in 2003
  • 5centnickel
    • A content-rich, established financial website
    • One of the pioneers in the industry
    • Personal finance tips, tricks, and commentary
    • Canada’s premier personal finance website
    • Helping young adults embrace financial awareness & invest their money in the smartest way possible
    • A diversity of brands & product comparisons - robo-advisors, credit cards, mortgages & more
    • A leading financial website in the U.S.
    • In-depth personal finance reviews and articles
    • Covers trending topics and fields in  the financial world: robo-advisors, personal finance, software, online brokerage, crowdfunding, and many more
    • Top-ranked for major finance-related keywords
    • Articles are written and edited by experts in personal finance
    • A unique rating system to provide objective reviews of each service
    • Includes calculators, widgets, and tables that offer custom recommendations



Tracking users and monitoring their activity across channels and devices


Creating high-quality, segmented audiences with your brand specifications in mind


Reaching users similar to those in previously defined audience groups


AI-powered prediction algorithms use statistical modeling to examine the actions of targeted users & make forecasts


Analyzing volumes of in-house data from different channels to ensure the level of optimization, scalability, and profitability is at its highest

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