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Let’s Twist Ahead: Only a Webpaler Could’ve Had a Summer Party Like That

“Come on, twist again, like we did last summer…Let’s twist again, like we did last year!” It’s Chubby Checkers’ famous song “Let’s Twist Again” that we took as an inspiration for this year’s big Wepbals Group summer party, which has already become an annual tradition for the employees and their families.

Where can you cool down on a hot summer day? There’s nothing better than water! So, without thinking twice, we headed towards spacious Hamei Ga’ash pools (and by “we” I mean around 500 people).


webpals group summer party

If you had a chance to travel back, which time period would you choose? As Webpalers, we love to be ahead together and look into the future, but that day we were able to literally dive in back to the 70s.

Everything around us screamed retro: vintage ice cream and beer trucks, old-style PAC-MAN, Tetris and Super Mario game machines, vintage quick-photo car, and of course – the music. I would be lying if I said that everything happening at Hamei Ga’ash wasn’t exciting.


webpals summer event

So, what exactly did we do?

We tested our creativity and balance participating in entertaining workshops, painting mugs (we got to take them home) while doing our best during ground-based SUP boards training; but what really got our taste buds working is the tasting during 3 beer workshops:)


webpals summer party


Aside from drinking beer, we enjoyed what seemed to be an infinite amount of food during breakfast and dinner as well as sweets, shakes and other tasty goodies.
Those Webpalers and their loved ones who really needed a kick to relax even more got calming massage treatments.


webpals party summer 3


While the adults appreciated all the games, entertainment and rocked it mingling, the kids had fun of their own – and who wouldn’t? All the huge soap bubbles flying around, tons of toys in the pool, and the puppets theater show got the job done.


webpals summer event


I looked left and right and I saw happy kids everywhere. Toddlers seemed to really dig the Gymboree playground; older kids participated in speedboat racing tournaments, built castles from kinetic sand, jumped off water-slides, made cakes, whirligigs and even got matching tattoos with their parents.


webpals group summer party

Yes, we all spent a lot of time in the water, but closer to noon everyone was thrilled to see the Circus Show – a colorful acrobatic show, full of activities for kids.


webpals group summer event


Towards the end of the event we all got together to hear the heartfelt speech of our CEO, Inbal Lavi, congratulating the families whose kids are to celebrate Bar / Bat Mitzvas or move up to the first grade this year. Nothing beats the smiles I saw on the kids’ faces when they got gift cards and personalized first-grader kits as special giveaways. Little did I know that adults get presents as well:)


webpals group summer party


But the summer event wasn’t so much about the presents (although we never say no:)) as it was about coming together with our families, cooling down on a really hot summer day and having lots of fun after a hard week of work.


webpals family summer party


Looking forward to the summer party next year (and I’m sure that I’m not the only one)!


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Let’s Twist Ahead: Only a Webpaler Could’ve Had a Summer Party Like That